Administrative Roles - Behind the Scenes

Charter Organization Representative (COR) - The person from the PTO that the pack reports to. This person or their designee has authority to approve new adult leaders. (Key 3 position, Position Specific Training Strictly Required)

Committee Chair (CC) - The lead of the committee. This person is responsible for ensuring the pack is on the Journey to Excellence (JTE) by guiding the committee in annual planning, budgeting, and fund raising. This person has the authority to approve new adult volunteers with the COR. (Key 3 position, Position Specific Training Strictly Required)

Treasurer (MC) - The person that is responsible for handling the finances of the pack and provides updates during committee meetings. The Committee Chair serves as a backup and has account access as well as the Cubmaster if approved by the Chartered Organization Representative.

Committee Member (MC) - A person that helps the Committee Chair operate the pack. Members may be assigned special roles such as advancement chair, treasurer, outdoor activity chair, Friends of Scouting Ambassador and others as defined by the CC and COR.

Activity Chair - A person that helps plan and execute an activity. Activity chairs do not need to be a member of the committee.

Unit Commissioner (UC) - A seasoned Scouter assigned by the District Commissioner to help a unit's Key 3, its top 3 leaders, operate a successful program.

Program Roles - Guiding Youth

Cubmaster (CM) - The Cubmaster is the master of ceremonies and the leader of the pack. With direction from the Committee Chair, the Cubmaster executes the program as it was planned by the committee. The Cubmaster also helps den leaders by offering assistance during den meetings if needed. (Key 3 position, Position Specific Training Strictly Required)

Assistant Cubmaster - The Assistant Cubmaster, under the guidance of the Cubmaster is responsible for helping dens, promoting Den Chiefs and ensuring the Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts are on track to cross over to being successful Boy Scouts. The Assistant Cubmaster should also be prepared to step in as Cubmaster should the need arise.

Den Leader - Responsible for guiding a group of up to 8 youth of the same gender through the requirements and electives of the assigned rank. Den leaders may have assistants as needed. Note, den leaders do not need to run every meeting. Instead, the families in the den should be assigned responsibilities as possible based on their interests and abilities.

Den Chief - An active Scout in a Troop, Crew, Ship, or Team that is assigned/voted into the role by their unit. Den Chiefs help den leaders perform den meetings and share their experiences in Scouting.